On April 30, 2008 By

My first twenty minutes with the new Goldrush update on Team Fortress 2 have gone a little like this:

*Boots up Team Fortress 2*

Oooh, very nice new loadout screen. Ooh, lots of new achievements. And a pretty decent new map as well!

*Joins online server*

Medic overload. Oh bugger.

There’s more bonesaws […]

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On February 18, 2007 By

Gave up, bought hosting from elsewhere, and now things are rocketing along. Hopefully by tomorrow this thing should be happy in it’s new home. You should too. I’ll try and get this redirected, but you – CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARKS AND LINKS DAMNIT!

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Right, I’m happy to confirm that thanks to my friend, the new domain is purchased, and now I’m just waiting on the webhosts to give me access to my new webspace and everything to then resolve.

So, I’m sure you’re all interested to hear my new url. Update anything you have pointing at me soonish […]

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