Aw man!

I’m stuck here in Jersey without my computer and Team Fortress 2. Yet I still have enough access to the net to read about the new Pyro updates – which look awesome. Most entertaining is reading both Chris Livingston and Tom’s Francis’ adventures in getting the OMGWTFBBQ achievement. On the positive side, I suppose by the time I get back to play there won’t be so many Pyros for me to go up against to get it myself.

And a couple more TF2 related things – in an uncharacteristically prompt move, Valve have actually updated the Medic Achievement Unlock Requirements to bring them in line with the Pyro’s. I am pleasantly suprised. Also of positive note is the fact that the development team have started their own TF2 Blog which is well worth a read to get the insider scoop on the inner workings of the game. Consider it added to my links over on the right.

In more personal news: Jersey is lovely but very, very hot – I’ve been sunburnt – and I’m still on the job hunt. Bah.

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2 Responses to And it Burns, Blogs, Burns…

  1. l_bratch says:

    Great scott! Where are you?

  2. The_B says:

    I’m currently staying with friends in the St Clement area of Jersey.

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