There is something quite interesting to note with today’s game industry. the big names such as EA Games and Ubi Soft are on nearly every shelf, franchises, sequels and other tie ins, it can be something to think back to a few years ago, when games were on casettes and floppys, and loading times was the length of a cup of tea, toast and even a full meal.
-Back in these times, it was more likely that you would see games from indiviuals, bedroom programmers who weren’t interested in making a product, but making games that were theirs. They may not have always been good, but that didn’t matter, the games were theirs, created with their own steam, with a minimal amount of people working on all areas of the game
-Yup, you guessed it – another review this time for Darwinia – just in time for the Steam/Darwinia announcement too.Well, two days ago I recieved through my doormat a lovely copy of The Movies. And it’s quite something. To put it extremely simply, it’s Theme Park but with a Movie Studio. In fact, I would like to stick my neck, or indeed, any other extremity and say it’s the closest thing to Theme Park since the aformentioned classic that I’ve played. And that can only be A Good Thing.

The best part about the game is that, after you have created the movies, you can then upload them to the The Movie’s Website – and basically your whole studio is given a space to show off. Well, of course I’m taking full advantage of this, and so, here you can find the work of “B Movie Studios”

-On other matters, having to resubmit several pieces of work because of mistakes you might not have even made, and then on top of that the downright vandalism of your own work – which I may add, hadn’t even been used for the work which we would be graded for – has made College rather… interesting to say the least.

And it never helps when certain people seem to refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and then come across extremely arrogant and downright rude and immature – it does them no favours. When they are supposed to be one of your seniors, that when the piss is well and truly taken…

However, carry on we must – and (for some reason soundling like Yoda) we’ve tried to do what we can to rectify the damage- we have had our deadline extended too, so I can only suppose we just make the best damn Animation we can really…

Speaking of deadlines, more are coming to hit me in the face over the next two weeks, yet somehow we also finish for Christmas a little early. – However, that does also entail a distinct lack of money for the month of December, and when you haven’t bought any Christmas presents that can only involve one word…

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