You may or may not of heard of Nobody’s Watching, the sitcom with the really confusing concept by two of the writers of Family Guy and Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs. You may already know that a pilot was produced, for the American station WB. It however, was not made into a full series when WB network execs decided the concept was too confusing and it didn’t make the 2005 schedule. You may also have heard that the pilot was then leaked onto YouTube, where instead of being taken down when Lawerence found out about it, it became as massive hit on the site, becoming at one point YouTube’s most popular video ever and he let it grow.

And then you may have heard that NBC saw a good thing, and greenlighted a six show season of Nobody’s Watching, to the delight of fans everywhere, and me. Having watched the first show, OK so it wasn’t as good as Scrubs, but seriously I thought the show has a lot of potential to be really quite good, and indeed if Scrubs and Spin City are anything to go by, Lawerence has a good track record. Anyway, this week the first draft of the website was launched, featuring three web based videos that indeed are quite funny, and shows more of the potential I belive this show has. Rather ironically, these clips themselves are hosted on YouTube, and I’ll post my favourite one here:


You can see the pilot episode here, here and here, and find the website right about here. I really look forward to seeing this when it hopefully appears later in the year. Hopefully a British TV station is keeping their eyes open to bring the series over here, I do believe this is going to be good.

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