Woo! Indie pimping time for this blog again. This time it’s a game that quite a few bloggers have blogged about, but I feel the need to tell you as well. Yes indeed.

It’s called Toribash, and it’s deceptively simple: you have a ragdoll, with various joints and muscles. So does your opponent. And the aim of the game? To cause as much damage to your opponent as possible, while minimizing damage to yourself. Pretty run of the mill beat em up then? Well, here’s the thing, that’s exactly why it’s so good: the concept is so simple, yet just the inclusion of physcics makes it so much, well: fun!

Seriously, you can do some rather impressive moves by relaxing, contracting and holding various joints and muscles, and with dismemberment and decapitation just makes moves look so damn cool. I myself like to practise on the single player – there isn’t any AI, so you can basically set up some fantastic moves if you take the time – but there’s also the beauty of going online against opponents (who in some of the more “pro” rooms are scarily profecient) but heck, even when you lose it’s just awesome to watch. For instance – here’s my first online match:


Another fantastic thing about Toribash, is that, as of recently, you can make your own mods for it. The first one is a rather cool sword mod, that basically causes about 30% more dismemberment and the flying of limbs. For the less technically minded of us, however, may be content with simply making our own heads for the game. So I did – and in the latest (at the time of writing) release – my head has been included in it!

So if you want the chance to knock my head off, or just play with my head, change your name to “The_B” and et voila! Alternatively, goto the folder you installed Toribash to, and in the “heads” folder, find the file called “The_B.tga” and rename it to whatever you want. Then start fighting!

The game itself is soon to go into Shareware for $19.95, but for now the latest release is V1.99, is free and downloadable from the Toribash website.

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