Erm…good question…

To cut a long story short, my real name is Ben Borthwick, I’m a gamer, I love PC Games and I love gaming. I’m a member of a gaming clan (a team if you didn’t know) called Clan {Jeff} – The God Of Biscuits – (It’s an Eddie Izzard reference by the way.)
My clan’s site can be found here:

However, I am also studying media at Hull College and am currently undertaking the BTEC National Diploma in this. Hopefully by doing this and a course at university, I will be able to get into games journalism, and a career in said games industry. For an example of someone already in the industry, check

In between THIS I have a very busy “normal” life and even produce my own video diaries for the BBC in my local area (Hull) You can watch them here:

So I can air some frustrations and views that I can’t do through these videos, and more day to day stuff, I’m keeping this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill it with interesting stuff and hopefully people will read it, for now….enjoy!

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