Again, lack of updates. Yes, I’m rubbish, blame various things. Had several new articles go up in places and I’m now doing fairly regular transcription work for both PC Gamer and Official XBox Magazine, not to mention the fact I’ve just started a brand new day job for the times when I’m not writing about games so I suppose there’s been a fair amount going on.

However, it would be highly unlike myself if I didn’t use the blog to shamelessly pimp something I’ve done, which is why I implore you to buy the latest Official XBox Magazine because yours truly has written the disk pages (I also helped with transcribing the interviews for the cover feature, but that’s not quite as noteworthy) which means I get my first official print credit for Official XBox Magazine. So I’m pretty proud of it, even if it is minor in the grand scheme of things. But like I said, I’m pretty shameless about the self promotion on here. Anyway, it was at all good magazine selling vendors and contained all manner of awesomeness aside from my stuff.

But if you absolutely must exclusively see purely the disk pages I contributed to then you’ll have to order a back issue or wait six months for me to be able to republish it should I choose to.

-Massive thanks to Jon Hicks for the opportunity.

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