Bath. A city that gave me a brilliant week while I took myself there for a week in order to partake in Work Experience for PC Gamer magazine. Yes, I enjoyed it immensely, and I’m really glad I took the opportunity while I could. The hostel meanwhile was alright for the price, but the less said about it the better to be frank. The showers especially were those annoying water saving ones where you have to hold the button down if you require more than a trickle of water that is enough to wet one side of your nose.

So I arrived on the Monday a little overdressed, but ready for work. After negotiating several construction sites I finally found my way to PCG Towers, which I found to be a very nice building and enviroment – the offices are decent inside as well. A great working atmosphere and the team themselves are nothing but lovely, friendly people. Kudos to Craig, Tony, Tom, Aimee, Dan, Tim and Ross for putting up with me for the week and keeping me very busy during my time there. I had the opportunity to work on several sections of the magazine, including the news, Extra Life, reviews and many other areas. It was really eye opening – in a good way – to see how a magazine like PCG is put together, especially during a deadline week.

I’d love to be able to say more, and I may do eventually, but obviously there’s certain things I can’t really disclose further until the magazine is out, although highlights would have to be Tom’s hilarious review process of a Game I Cannot Mention Or How Well It Did Yet. Lunchtime TF2 games also proved to be a highlight of my week, as well as pub visits with Ross and Tim on the Monday and Richard, Tim (and his other half whose name escapes me now – sorry), Tom, Tony, and Jim on the Friday. Again, I can’t emphasise enough how brilliant these people are, and I really hope to work with them more in the future. So the big thanks of the week to Tim Edwards for giving me the opportunity, and additonal thanks to all the PCG team for having me. And also thanks to Graham, who wasn’t there but his desk provided me with a work station for the week.

Oh, and some pictures then:

PCG Towers
A Fountain in Bath
Bath Pig

So thanks again guys. It was lovely to meet you all in person, and I really enjoyed myself.

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  1. KingvaderUK says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun

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