Or to put it another way – Team Fortress blog update. Main points of interest is that some minor changes are coming in the Engy being able to upgrade the teleporters and Dispensers, reducing recharge times for both, and the Spy being able to recharge his cloak by picking up fallen weapons and ammo.

However, these are apparently just balance tweaks that are coming soonish. More importantly, they’ve announced the next pack is going to be focusing on the everyone’s favourite baseball bat welding arsehole The Scout. Of course, they’re asking for your suggestions, but Gentlemen and ladies, I invite you to begin your predictions for unlocks and achievements.

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2 Responses to Boink!

  1. Vanderdecken says:

    Baseball bat with a nail in the end.

    Go faster stripes baseball cap.

    Collecting dog tags from other scouts killed.

  2. x25killa says:

    Cricket Bat instead of Baseball Bat.

    Pistol “stuns” other players and makes them slower.

    Shotgun turns into a lancer machine gun from Gears of War.

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