So, yeah I’ve been a bit busy lately, so here I am doing the incredibly unoriginal thing and giving a quick round up of some of my things I’ve been doing lately, in case you’re too lazy to notice I’ve updated the Highlights section:

Firstly I’ve been doing some reviews over on The Reticule including the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island and Ghostbusters, followed by conducting an Interview with one Mark Darin of Telltale games, one of the designers of Tales of Monkey Island. Meanwhile in my weekly column over on Gaming Daily I’ve been tackling subjects such as PCs at parties, Stalingrad in Call of Duty and Heads Up Displays.

And you may not have failed to notice if you do check this site frequently that I appear to have attracted a lot of attention for my Left 4 Sims piece. The second part is now up, if you were not aware previously. And if you are one of the many new people browsing my site via Left 4 Sims: Welcome and I hope you’ll stick around, even if it’s only if I promise to do more Left 4 Sims pieces if you do.


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