On Tuesday evening, in Redmond Washington, Microsoft was attempting to wow crowds by unveiling their latest console to a gathered crowd of onlookers and the media. But arguably the show was stolen by the unveiling of the newest member of the popular Call of Duty franchise, Colin the Dog. Meanwhile, at the exact […]

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Here’s an exclusive first screenshot* from the new bear expansion for Kinectimals. Click it for the larger version:

*Disclaimer: may not be actual first screenshot. May in fact be me messing around with Photoshop for comedy purposes. As ever.

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Rose Tinted Googles

On July 18, 2011 By

Yes yes, I am still a terrible person, with updates about as frequent and reliable as your average public transport of choice. Part of it is, as is ever the excuse, being busy but I won’t lie and pretend it’s not my fault for being rather neglectful of my blog again. So, I’ve given myself […]

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As I’m incredibly cheap, here’s my wedding gift to the happy couple. Click for embiggening.

Credit to Dan Griliopoulos, Jon Hicks and Jamie McKelvie whose pics I stole and would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for this meddling sentence.


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On April 30, 2008 By

My first twenty minutes with the new Goldrush update on Team Fortress 2 have gone a little like this:

*Boots up Team Fortress 2*

Oooh, very nice new loadout screen. Ooh, lots of new achievements. And a pretty decent new map as well!

*Joins online server*

Medic overload. Oh bugger.

There’s more bonesaws […]

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