Irony loves me.

In case you didn’t already know – I come from Hull. Known as 2001’s most “Crap Town”. However, currently I am living in Lincoln while I study Computer Games Production.

However, recently it was announced that the UK’s first Games Academy was to be set up in conjunction with, among other places, The University of Hull.

Then today, Gamestation have announced that they are to open a brand new store in Hull. Apparently it will be the second largest games store in the UK.

“We have some really exciting plans for the new Hull store. The team, led by Marcos Dinsdale, will deliver the best games experience in the UK – and lay down a challenge to our flagship Birmingham store,” he added.

“It will be focused on our brand and we will be the only authentic games retailer that will satisfy all the needs of a gamers lifestyle – a grand statement and one we are going to fulfil in Hull.”

They waited for me to leave. Didn’t they?

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