Yes its 3am in the morning, and yes I’m blogging…

Not really sure why, don’t have much I can think of to say at this point, I have more than the previous post already but even this seems a little much. I think at the moment I’m just typing the first thing that comes into my head which, to be honest is like a little monologue that you are reading right now.

Maybe its irony, but things seem clearer at night. They say “sleep on it” but the lack of sleep, I don’t know, makes everything a little more, well, defined. Life still sucks, but you can reflect and see why it sucks. Its like sod’s law. Sleeping just gives you a chance to think of reaction.

Maybe I’m just getting cynical, but I’ve felt alone for so long I honestly don’t know what the other feeling is like. I’m actually scared as to what it does feel like – and thats probably the worst thing of all…

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