It’s August already – kids have just broken up for their summer holidays, yet I’ve been off College for about six weeks already. Yes, boredom has sunk in, along with the depressedness I usually carry with me. But the fact is, we’re nearly at the end of 2005 already – and I didn’t want to leave 2004.

You see, back then it didn’t matter – I had something to hold onto in the people I had at school – friends, goits and even teachers – at least they all meant for something then. But as I look now I realise that I’m now in the deep end – and there ain’t no lifeguards round here my friends…
-The phrase “thrown in at the the deep end” is used pretty flippantly these days, but its never so true as when you’re halfway through college – or after you leave school for that matter.

I still don’t have much of a direction in life. I chose media as a course as I thought I wanted to do something in presenting – as I went through the year I wanted to be Games Journalist, and then a Games Designer. The truth is, I think I want to do these things, but do I have a plan for them? No. Do I know where I’m supposed to go with this career paths? Hell no.

I suppose my plan for life is stay in education for as long as possible, it seems to be my only safety net on the world – I’m still pretty sure I’m going to make the choices I am making – but damn, the real world sucks.

Fuck Doom, Real Life is the scariest game of all…

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