So, yes. It’s actually been really suprisngly good so far. I’ve met all my housemates now, and seem to be bonding well with at least two of them. Spent last night on the Tour of Town – which was basically an excuse for a bar crawl, and ended up at The Engine Shed, which was really cool and actually played some pretty decent music for the most part. Although by 1am it seemed to move from the pretty cool to the “Ibiza LOL!” style music. Which I don’t like as much.

It’s weird really, I didn’t go clubbing hardly at all while in Hull. For a start, having enough money for the taxi home was usually a problem, so the effort required to go out, coupled with the fact that I rarely enjoyed myself at many of the Hull bars usually wasn’t worth it. I mean, I still prefer a nice quiet drink in a chilled out relaxed bar, but I think yesterday was the most I had enjoyed a “proper” night out in a long time. But with Lincoln, everything is so close to “home” that I don’t have to worry about getting home too much afterwards. I also met a fair few new people as well who seemed pretty decent, and all in all a good night was had, finally returning to my flat at 4.00am this morning, after a bowl of pasta.

Amusing stories from last night? Well, two quick ones, the first one we were in the Engine Shed, and I smelt burning that wasn’t a cigerette, so I looked around, and saw some smoke coming from what I thought was behind Hollie’s (One of my flatmate’s friends) head. I asked her to step to the side, and the smoke moved with her. That’s when we realised it was her hair on fire! Turns out guy behind us wasn’t really concentrating on the cigarette in his hand. The second amusing thing was afterwards on the way home, we were looking for a takeaway, so we stopped some Fresher’s Helpers whom offered to show us where one was, only problem was we were still waiting for Hollie to finish talking to her flatmates up the road. So Lucy (my flatmate, the friend of Hollie) offered to go with them. The only problem we later realised (after losing her for an hour) was Lucy was still wearing Olly’s (male flatmate) shoes. Oops.

Anyway, end of boring anecdotes, turned this blog post more into a diary entery, wouldn’t be the first time – but still, just writing down my thoughts I suppose and documenting them. And although yesterday at Uni was literally 2 hour queing for Enrolment, and less than five minute enrolment process, I’m really looking forward to the rest of University. The boredom has gone, and it’s actually replaced with something good. This is scary. Only problem now is waiting for my loan.

So anyway, stuff to do today: visit the Fresher’s Fayre, and get some essentials in. Maybe goto the Comedy Night tonight. We shall see…

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2 Responses to Lincoln: Day Three

  1. DuBBle says:

    So you leave Hull to go to university whilst my co-conspirator ShadowBolt goes to university in Hull.. he’s studying games design – how about you?

    Good blog. I’ll speak to you on PGCF when I get a proper internet connection, even broadband in the broadest sense of the word would be great. Your added to my links B 😀

  2. The_B says:

    Thanks DuBBle, appreciated. 🙂

    I’m doing Computer Games Production myself, and I so far appear to be the only person doing the MComp version of said course, which was fun on the induction day as the lecturer asked people to put their hands up depending which group they were in, and I got a laugh as the only hand in the air at that point.

    Actually, I was originally going to do Games Design myself, but then they moved the course from the “proper” Hull campus to, ironically enough, Hull College – where I’d just spent the last two years looking forward to leaving. Call me old fashioned but I felt if I was going to do the Uni experience, I thought I might as well do it properly, so in the end I changed my application to this one, which I think is closer to the sort of course I wanted to do anyway.

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