So, this week I spent a couple of days down in the capital city known generally as London. Why was I there? Well, several reasons really but primarily to attend the Rock Paper Shotgun Thinkosium held in the Alphabet bar in Soho. Additionally, given I was in the area at the same time, I also took in the Eurogamer Expo in Brick Lane, managing to do my bit in the name of games journalism research by playing just about everything out in the next few months across all the formats. Or at least that’s the excuse.

Myself, with a giant Fallout 3 statue.

Anyway, highlights of the Expo probably included Fallout 3, which I managed to both play and break at the same time, and indeed throughly enjoyed. In addition Resident Evil 5, while seeming a little similar to Resi 4, does show a lot of promise and manages to keep what made Resi 4 work so well. The higher empahasis on the team dymanic does work for the demo, I just hope it doesn’t end up grating when it comes to the full game – after all, my most frustrating points in 4 were when Ashley decided to throw herself into the path of my bullets. Call of Duty 5 is another game that looks like it’s going to be good, even if it’s another game that doesn’t deviate too far from it’s predecessor. In fact, I suppose I could use that line to describe a fair few games upcoming, Gears of War 2 falls perfecly into that category.

I suppose in some ways, I’m a little dissapointed there wasn’t a lot more PC stuff – the Indie Arcade being the notable exception and showing off some of the brilliance of the platform to have such a diverse pool of originality in it’s games. I will also freely admit that I didn’t end up finding as much PC stuff as I wanted to – I only realised there was more stuff outside too late to explore it – however there was a sense of pride there that games really have come a long way in a short space of time.

Myself, at a London bus stop.

Over at the Thinkosium later that night, I managed to not only be late, but forget to bring the camera, so I’ll have to point you towards other people’s pictures to illustrate the event. Overall it was a very interesting and entertaining event, and the downright honest to goodness faith that the speakers had in the PC platform was enough to quell any misplaced thoughts about the platform’s future. And of course, I shall echo the statements that the most weirdly entertaining thing about the night was hearing a room full of gamers cheering at the phrase DRM. Additionally being recognised from the internet by people was at first a little weird but also at the same time cool, so hello to all those that did acknowledge me that evening.

So thanks to several people during the trip, not least Kieron Gillen for helping me out with getting to the EG expo itself and to him and the rest of team RPS for an excellent evening at the Thinkosium. Also a big thanks to my housemate Steff, for being an excellent tour guide and GPS during my time in London. I had an excellent time and I look forward to whenever next I venture to some form of gaming event.

Well, assuming I get invited anywhere again after this:

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3 Responses to Panic on the Streets of London

  1. Vanderdecken says:

    Are you telling me you were in London this week and you missed this:

  2. The_B says:

    Unfortunately by the time his show was on I 1. Had no more money left to stay any longer and 2. had to return to Lincoln.

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