On the 18th February, 2005, three of my former school friends were involved in a car crash which killed all three outright…

These were three lovely girls who didn’t deserve to die so young, and a great loss will be felt by all…

When I heard the news, I guess I just felt kinda numb…but it was geniunley shocking to hear such news, yet heartwaring to hear how everyone pulled back together in light of the news.

My friend Samo has set up a rememberance guestbook for tributes to the girls, which can be found here

RIP Kimberley Brown, Laura Hill and Rachel Thomas…

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5 Responses to R.I.P. 3 Angels

  1. Matt says:

    That’s awful news. Living in Hull myself I heard all about this incident. Didn’t stop to think that you might have known them. You have my sympathy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to pop in and say Aloha from Hawaii! I was just googleing my name and found your site, my name is also Ben Borthwick

  3. alison lloyd says:

    Who-ever set this rememberance guest book i need to say a big thankyou, Rachel thomas was my beautiful daughter & i miss her so so much & also her 2 beautiful friends Kimmy & Laura, If you log in to remember me you will see Rachel`s memorial star, Thankyou again love, Alison Lloyd. P.S, If you know of anyone that has got any pictures of Rachel`s you can send them to, a.lloyd11@hotmail.com

  4. hafsa says:

    Laura hill was my half sister fro my fathers side,, she was all i had in my life ,, i loved her so much and i still do ,, although she was in hull and i was in london but her visits to us never stopped , the last person in this whole intire universe that i would think could die would be my sister laura 🙁 i cried blood instead of tears :'( her death was unexpctable .. kimmy and rachel were her best friends , she always use to talk about them and how much she loved them ,, they were altogether all the time , destiny was that they dies together too. R.I.P Laura ,, i pray for yuu all the time 🙁

  5. hafsa says:

    hey ,, its been a long time but time can never let us forget ,, i know how hard it has been ,, im laura’s half sister ,, i’ve been trying to rach laura’s mom joanne for a long time but i couldnt get in touch plus that im in london so it was a little difficult .. if yuu have any phone number for joe plz let me know and send it to me on my email.
    my email is : indiana_1993@hotmail.co.uk thanks a lot ,, take care @alison lloyd

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