Oh, computers, gotta love em.

Especially when they are perhaps the most likely to suffer from chaos theory than any other platform – which is kind of both a benefit and a curse. Lately it’s been a curse – for me anyway. You see, my new GFX card arrived this week so I was happily installing that, easy job until trying to power on again.

*poof* hard drives not recognised

Considering I had only changed the GFX card and not TOUCHED anything else this was more than a little confusing. After much cursing and gettting the damn thing open again, a little jiggery pokery found that somehow my IDE cables had come loose and I needed to jam them in again – this did take me three attempts to work out however…

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough I now find out my other drive has 75% Fagmentation (let this be a lesson kiddies) and my HDD is running slow as hell – to add insult to injury, it won’t let me watch any movies until I do defrag, which I cannot do at the moment as I don’t have enough disk space. Now I really need a new hard drive, which I can’t affoard until my bonus comes through – (which, for some unknown reason, hasn’t yet…(as soon as I can I’m gonna get myself a proper job). Until then I’ll do all I can…

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