Proof that one day, machines will take over the Earth. We humans aren’t even needed to play games anymore:

When US gamer David Harr got frustrated being 60 points short of completing a title he decided to take radical action – he built a machine to do it for him.

Car mechanic David Harr, from Seattle, realised he needed to devote 40 hours of playing just to earn the final reward points for Perfect Dark Zero.

He built a machine that would start and re-start the game to register for the final achievements he needed.


“I calculated that it would take about 40 hours of gameplay just pushing two buttons to start and re-start a game,” he said. “With my electronics experience I wondered if there was something that could push those two buttons for me so I could go about my daily life.”

Using $60 (£32) of electronics parts bought from a local shop and some parts he had “just lying around”, Mr Harr built his xBot machine in about 10 hours.

Two solenoids in the machine press the buttons when required so that the game starts at the right time.

Seriously, this is freakin’ awesome, even if it is incredibly geeky. The guy who did it resides here. – Kudos to him.

Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated.

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