Idiots can be useful…

…then again, they can be annoying abnoxious goits who seem to think everything’s about them. When, really – it isn’t. I have people in my life, and I suppose everyone does, who think they can never be wrong. These people manage to rub me up the wrong way in ways that cannot be expressed through the medium of a Blog.

-Trying to explain to someone why an MMOG’s charge a monthly fee – I’m not here to argue whether it is right or wrong, but when I’m stating basic facts there are certain people I know who will just dispute them. They’re facts, but they seem to think it’s my opinion, and refuse to open their eyes to the basic facts that are shown right in front of them.

They also try to dispute every single word I say, sometimes I think they do this just to cause an argument – and when they lose the argument, they revert to the physche of a 10 year old. – I suppose it’s a lost cause – but some people will never learn…

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