Well, in case you didn’t notice – or you’re reading this from my MSN space, my main blog has been moved. I now had some spare website after what I must say has been a very smooth TMG merger with Monkehs.com – something going right can be a rarity – there are still the usual bugs to be ironed out – but overall everything appears to be good. So instead of http://iamtheb.blogspot.com, point your browsers (worst phrase ever…) at http://www.doubleyouteeeff.com

Back to the down side (did you really expect a blog without a moan?) I’m definately back at college now – and only been back two weeks and had to hand in TWO 1000 word essays – lovely. Perhaps slightly more postively I get to play with clay for a few weeks as we “study” animation.

Tomorrow I start the first step in the next stage of life – and fuck me it’s moving fast – whereas I’m about to attend an Open Day at my local Uni (one of the two) and find out about the Games Design course. Three years of studying something I love. This could be seen as too much of a bad thing, but I’m trying to look at it as postively as I can – hell, maybe there may be a future in it for me – there better be, or 3 years of my life will have gone down the pan. Personal life still sucks but hey…

..you can’t have everything…

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